Welcome To AESA - Architects, Engineers and Surveyors Association, Pune

AESA is the only organization in Pune that brings together the huge knowledge base, talent, strength, and social impact of the city’s architectural and engineering community. This large and influential sector includes major decision makers, the pioneers and thinkers of today, as well as the visionaries and practical doers who make and build a strong, vibrant society.

AESA was formed in 1970, and from then to now, it has been recognized as a responsible body which acts not only as a support base to architects and engineers, but also as a reliable source of information, knowledge, and endless possibilities in the world of design and dissemination of design information.

The new look of AESA brings in its fold the needs of a new design world, which combines sheer talent with a world-view of architecture, engineering, and technology. If you are an architect or engineer, newly joined or an old member, we welcome you to the large Umbrella of AESA that carries a trust and confidence that we all shall, with our sum energies, create a better informed and more connected community as a whole.