History of AESA: Beginning of a long, fruitful journey

The 1970s were very important years in the history of architectural practice. Conventional practice in the field was in a fluid state and times were about to change. It was the dawn of the modern era of professional architectural and engineering practice. The world was opening up, several architects and engineers were increasingly going abroad for education and it was a time to absorb and imbibe the huge advancements taking place nationally and internationally in the twin fields. In 1972, the Architects Act came into existence. Information and a common forum were the vital need of the times, especially to ensure that the profession’s clean and respected image would be intact. At this crucial juncture, a few visionaries and genuine lovers of design and engineering came together and pooled in their common passion for a new world founded on the principles of sharing, pure ethics, and the dynamics of the field. These visionaries founded the AESA. This voluntary body of professionals continues its noble work by virtue of intent of work, sincerity of purpose, and the pure goal being working towards the bright future of all design and engineering professionals in Pune.

Milestones in AESA History:

1970- AESA is formed. Subsequently, the Constitution is drafted. In 2020, AESA will complete fifty years since its formation.