The AESA Philosophy: Clarity in Thought, Purpose, and Action

  1. To be an umbrella for professionals- comprising Architects and Engineers but also Practicing Professionals, Consultants, Construction Managers, Structural, Landscape, Interior and Urban Designers, Town planners, Computer Experts, Valuers, all committed to act together and to grow together.
  2. To provide relevant, timely, useful and accurate information in the realms of Government machinery, Bylaws, updates in the field, and new information via products and technology.
  3. To be a valuable ‘forum’ for the AESA community to share its valuable pool of information and talent so that the professionals and students can avail of this huge combined knowledge base.
  4. To organize events, seminars, talks, competitions, motivational sessions, discussions, and presentations on myriad topics related to the field.
  5. To help students of architecture and engineering feel motivated to give their best in their chosen areas and to encourage their skills so that they become responsible future leaders.
  6. To be a community that is supportive to its members, to give support in times of crisis, to be a friend, philosopher and guide when required.
  7. To be an appropriate interface between the Architects, Engineers, and local Govt. bodies in a responsible and mutually symbiotic manner.
  8. To be a socially reputed body that is inclusive of all sectors of society including local bodies, authorities in governance, decision makers, social workers, et al so that the city and people are beneficiaries of AESA’s multifaceted work.
  9. To be a continued mission working on the basis of teamwork and planning for the excellent platform of better architectural and engineering awareness.
  10. To enable talent in the form of design, writing, creative skills, crafts, etc. to flourish when given a platform to do so, hence enriching the climate of the city.